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Club Wearables

Please contact Sandra Rose through the email link below.

Contact: Sandra Rose (at Rallies or by email):

To order:

  • Club Shirts: Maroon -Speak with Sandra
  • Club Jackets: Navy $55.00
  • Name Badges: Magnetic $14.00

Email:  HERE

(1) When ordering name badges please provide Sandra with the correct spelling of the Name you want on the badge. Payment to the Treasurer at time of order (see below)

(2) The cost of your Jackets will be emailed to you when your order arrives. Payment can then be made to the Treasurer (see below)

Payments of Rally Fees and Club Wearables

If possible payment to be credited to the Club’s Bank Account (using your name as the reference) or handed (in an envelope) to the Treasurer.

Payment by bank transfer. Bank details: Please obtain from Sandra when ordering.

Emails advising that a payment has been processed should be sent to