Qld State Rally (Rockhampton)

20 Jul 2021 to 26 Jul 2021

Although not a gazetted Club Rally, this for some, could be an immediate follow on from the July Rally at Crows Nest. See Tag-Along info in Newsletter.  Latest Newsletter can be found HERE

Attending members enjoy meeting up with friends made at previous State Rallies.  By the end of each rally, they are planning to meet again at the next State Rally.  Download the Registration Form HERE

Activities are organised throughout the week for those who want to participate.  These include seminars, shopping, bus trips, Disc Bowls competition and visits to local attractions.  There is generally some form of evening entertainment ranging from cards or trivia to performances by amateur or professional entertainers. An evening may start with a catered meal for all members.

The local community is regularly invited to become involved in many ways with a State Rally, such as providing entertainers and caterers for the event. Through the CCQ Locality Expenditure Data project it can be shown that at each State Rally, clubs have injected over $100,000 into the community where the State Rally was held.