Samford Showgrounds

05 Jun 2024 to 10 Jun 2024

Hosts:  John & Laraine Ritchie & Alan & Sandra Fleming

Samford Showgrounds

40 Showgrounds Drive, Samford QLD

Daily: 7.00am: Jay Walkers 10.00am: Morning Tea 4.00pm: Happy Hour

Wednesday: Free Day

Thursday: Free Day

6.00pm: Communal Dinner

Friday: 8.15am: Breakfast Supplied By Club

1.00pm: Bowls Samford Bowls Club TBC

5.30pm: Dinner Samford Hotel

Menu: https//

Saturday: 3.00pm: General Meeting

6.00pm: “Shared Dinner”


A – K Main Meal

L – Z Dessert

Games to Follow

Please contact the Club Secretary for further advice on email HERE